Although I hate to say it , in the fierce game dynamics, thoughtfully placed choke , and great potential is insufficient to cover the epic battle tactics , the team includes too many players uncooperative or illogical . I witnessed the anger and ' betrayal ' many to Buy ESO Gold

Buy ESO Gold

 , there would suddenly become the player to switch to the winning team , rather than stick around and assume responsibility as they fled in a weak position in our camp the role of .

Map collaborative efforts and good teamwork play a crucial role in the control of , so if members of your alliance seemed to know what they are doing , there is a certain momentum , according to their opinion , as long as it continues to be made . In contrast, some other online games , PVP at ESO is not all about going for convenience GANK. If you have the patience and wisdom to pull it off , there is enough space , more subtle , eloquent tactics will be well rewarded in the end . I realize that the problem of poor sports almost the only European Southern Observatory , but I hope to see some precautions to prevent or encourage good behavior or bad behavior implemented before launch . Until then, please enjoy this picture of the game , and I look forward to seeing you all in Cyrodiil 's !

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