LucasArts and Sony Online accept appear that Dantooine will be one of several planets that players will be able to appointment in Star Wars Galaxies: An Authority Divided. As they analyze Dantooine, players will appointment alarming archaic citizenry accepted as Dantari, a ample Imperial activity force, and a baby bandage of smugglers led by a abandoned abomination lord.

"With the admittance of ESO Gold kaufen Dantooine, we feel we're alms a assorted Star Wars experience," said Haden Blackman, ambassador at LucasArts for Star Wars Galaxies: An Authority Divided. "Fans of the films will bethink Princess Leia's Dantooine advertence from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, admitting added important is our adeptness to advantage the world's affluent history and arresting landscape. As one of several 'adventure planets,' players will biking to Dantooine for the befalling to appoint in ballsy battles, bare new storylines, and ascertain new sites."

Star Wars Galaxies: An Authority Divided, which is currently in its third appearance of beta testing, is a massively multiplayer online RPG set in the Star Wars universe. About 475,000 gamers accept already registered as associates of the game's fan community, and a new absolution date for the bold will, according to today's columnist release, be appear in the advancing weeks. For added advice on Star Wars Galaxies: An Authority Divided, analysis out our antecedent advantage of the game.

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