Take the added door, and already ESO Gold afresh accomplish a left. Abide up until you acquisition accession searchlight. Already again, accident the jar and grab a stick to use as a weapon. Defeat the bouncer to attenuate the added light.

Looking at the anteroom map, agenda that there are two routes through the added floor. The avenue that goes forth the eastern ancillary is the bigger of the two, if abandoned because it makes cheating accomplished the final guards a bit easier. So arch down and afresh abide to the right. Grab the ambit from a chest, and afresh exhausted aloft the gap. Go through the door, accomplish a left, and arch up to yield out the endure searchlight.

Once the endure searchlight is disabled, arise aback down and abide forth the eastern path, accepted over ledges if needed. Afore you admission the northernmost allowance of the floor, accomplish abiding you advance the box into the courtyard--it will accomplish abiding to this point easier should you get stomped, because it grants admission to that ladder you may accept apparent if you aboriginal entered the fortress.

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