I realize quickly how important it is to block at the right moment . Sets my opponent a severe attack and I successfully blocks , he staggers extremely vulnerable for a few seconds . Currently still falls on quite negative , that my character can easily move through the opponents. Even successful attacks feel as if I blow into the empty , the reaction of the opponent on my shock is also missing . I question in a helpful lady after that tells me that's probably not yet installed the collision detection in this built . So everything 's not so bad , the combat system is improved.

You can tell but already there is a struggle not only from repeated clicks of the mouse button. Against several opponents have to change as a melee again and again his position. In addition, the constant change of blocking and attacking is crucial. In addition, the skills are added, which allowed me here from time to hurl a spear of light on my opponents. In addition to the damage he leaves the opponent fall to the ground and paralyzes in order for a short time , which is very helpful in the fight against multiple opponents .

I give the first bandits a blow with The Elder Scrolls Online Gold , and then blocks directly toward me swinging his ax. I manage time hochzureißen the sign , which I hardly abbekomme damage. The next attack of the enemy is stronger, but I blocks again and the bandit starts to wobble on . My chance to also act by holding the mouse button, a powerful attack against defenseless opponents. I pull back a little bit and shoot the spear of light on two bandits who want to help her brother in battle. You are stopped for a few seconds , and I have been devoting the first bandits.

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