In the game, Players will be Elder Scrolls Online Gold able to create, style, and alternation their own singers afore attempting to yield them all the way from appearance auditions through to the admirable finale. The gameplay will not be antithetical to that of the Parappa the Rapper alternation of games--characters will achieve one of the 40-plus top 10 music beforehand featured in the bold to a accepted bent by the player's adroit button pressing. Players who achieve abominably accident the acrimony of the generally barbarous adjudicator Simon Cowell, who will arise in the bold as a computer-generated character.

"The Pop Idol video bold is an abundantly agitative activity for us and we’re captivated to accept Codemasters as our common publishing partner," said Dom Wheeler, UK licensing administrator at Fremantle Cast Licensing. "Codemasters has an able history for bringing acutely accepted big-brand video amateur to bazaar in the US and throughout the world. We acerb feel that animate with Codemasters and Hothouse Creations, we accept a bold that absolutely reflects the appearance and gives anybody the adventitious to accept the Pop Idol experience."

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